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Which nappy should I get?

Can't decide between your Wonderoos v3, Bamberoos or Real Easy?  

Here's our handy guide to help you...


Wonderoos v3 Pocket Nappies

Wonderoos v3 are a one size pocket nappy.  One size literally means it's made in one size only, and can be adjusted using the vertical poppers on the front to fit babies from 8-35lbs.  A pocket nappy has a waterproof cover with a fleece liner permanently attached, and an opening at the back into which you can put one or both of our super absorbent inserts.  

Pros - easy to change, customisable absorbency, fast drying, versatile, only one size to buy

Cons - you need to re-stuff the nappy after washing



Bamberoos are a fitted nappy, which means they need a separate waterproof cover (wrap) over the top.  This nappy has a pocket style opening at the back and comes with 2 extra boosters, which you can add into the pocket if your little one needs extra absorbency at night, or is a heavy wetter.  For younger babies, leave the boosters out for a slimmer fit.

Pros - super absorbent, super stretchy, can be used day or night, great fit

Cons - slower drying particularly around the elasticated areas, you'll need a wrap


Real Easy

Real Easy is an AIO (all-in-one) nappy.  This means that the absorbent fabric and the waterproof outer are permanently attached, so there are no extra bits to worry about.  The Real Easy also has a pocket style opening at the back, and it's super absorbent organic cotton/hemp soaker unfolds out of this during washing to enable it to dry faster.  Very simple to use.

Pros - easy to change, easy to wash, highly absorbent for day or night use, range of sizes means a great fit at any stage

Cons - need more than one size (most babies only need two sizes)